Monday, February 22, 2010

Where have I been?

Around the world a couple of times, and the only thing that could hold me in was a couple of inches of snow...

I need to get back into blogging, for my professional and personal sake....
although Twitter has got me quite occupied and satisfied without having to write more than 140 characters at once!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I told you the 40s were coming back!

Ryan leslie - How It Was Supposed To Be (Video 2) from Yuri Suitela on Vimeo.

Now it's one thing if a trend hits the mainstream pop scene with Katy Perry and the Jonas Brothers, but the 40s gone hip-hop, is a whole other ball game.
What I liked most though, was admittedly, the Pearl Harboresque themes. That was my Titanic of my middle-school aged years and I will never forget it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I think Animals like Sigur Ros

At least Polar Bears and Slumdogs do.

I love trailers as some of you know, and in my recent venture to the movies to see Confessions of a Shopaholic (Isla Fisher is Brilliant), the trailer that stuck out was Disney's latest nature venture with Discovery Channel, Earth.

Now if you think I'm going weak sauce with having gone to see a chick-flick, I also have seen Slumdog Millionaire recently, twice in fact! and it was even more enjoyable the second time around.

If you didn't notice, Sigur Ros' melodic orchestrations and vocals of their song, Hoppipolla, pop up half-way through each trailer. Nearly to the same effect, the song builds wonder through the piano's chord progression and the addition of strings that slowly create a mix of fuzzy fantasy and reality through the eyes of a child. It works for both nature's divine creatures and for the story of a boy rising out of the slums of India.

But wait, didn't Slumdog Millionaire have a brilliant soundtrack that is Oscar nominated?
Yes, so although I am a fan of Sigur Ros, I question as to to why the editors chose that over any of the work by A.R. Rahman. His beats are moving, sharp, and carry the movie that could've been a cliche underdog movie into a hip, exciting, and enthralling story. Just like Jamal doesn't know what's around the next turn, it's hard to read what beat will be hit next by Rahman's music. Needless to say, you know who I'm favoring this Sunday night come Oscar time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

I think the 1940s are making a comeback

I know we have a new president, who in these dire times must remind us of FDR and the possibilities of greatness in solving the crises we are in that range from war to a falling economy. Yet culture is taking a second look at the culture of this era where a generation went off to war and when we learned to live again.
The Notebook (2004) starring a dazzling and beautiful Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams thrust the beauty of a time often depicted in gunshots and depression. Yet its through all the downturns and changes in life that love can overcome them all, and we can all dream that one day a guy will build us a house and infuse our lives with vigor unparalleled to their kiss in the rain. Watch the Trailer
Today, I've seen at least two music videos that remind me of this aesthetic.
And just to clarify, I've written about these two artists on multiple occasions, not because they're some of my favorites, but because they have become mesmerizing figures in today's pop world.

Let the style, innocence, and emotional roller coasters of the time flood us now.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button also makes the case for an infatuation with the time. All of these examples have one thing in common; they look back. They look back on love. The Notebook and Curious Case both narrate through written word, as the music videos narrate through pictures. Still what do we have in the past that holds true to youth and vitality that we want to hold onto forever?

Friday, January 2, 2009

I love the Movies

It's a known fact that I LOVE the Movies!
I also have a strong affection for Disney

Put the two together and you get the GREAT MOVIE RIDE attraction at Hollywood Studios.

When in Orlando New Years Eve and having to chose a theme park, what better place than Hollywood? Not having been there in over four years, I have an even great appreciation for all the little behind the scenes jokes and the 5 K lights placed throughout the park :)

So here's my capturing of some of the great moments in movie time :

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I had to have a Top 10 List too!

After reading dozens upon dozens of lists that rank everything from the best sports moments to the best indie songs, and even the worst celebrities, I felt it was appropriate to have a top list of My favorite things of 2008 that made Pop Culture History!

10. Google and the Smart Phone
Has taken over my Blackberry and the thought process of millions... no longer are there questions of "How many Superbowls did the Washington Redskins win?" it's the question of who can type it into their QWERTY phone fastest on google...
9. The Return of the Superhero
You have to admit, Iron Man and Batman kicked some serious ass this summer, and have the box-office $ to prove it.
8. The Singer Songwriter
Jason Mraz, Sara Bariellis, and those lesser known folk like Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers
7. Apple
The company has taken over the world, my life, and my friends, one laptop at a time.
6. Live Sporting Events
TV has found life, not in finale shows of reality tv junk, but in the greatest battles ever to be seen. Who didn't cry with Michael Phelps' mom? or want to rip of Rafael Nadal's shirt? or give Tiger Woods a shoulder to lean on?
5. Rockin' Fashion
I haven't seen teens look this good in decades. Thank god sweaters and skinny jeans are in instead of tube tops and mini skirts! (Bye Bye Uggs... you're not cool enough to play guitar in)

4. The Belting Diva
I don't pay very often to listen to music, or whole albums for that matter, but I have to say releases by Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis, and Beyonce were pleasant surprises to my iTunes account, and now the Genius Bar thinks I'm Black.
3. Facebook
Although it's been redesigned, it has kept my life organized, and fully informed when my friends are upset by the result of a game or even do crazy things like get married or have a baby.
2. Ladies
From Beyonce, to Sarah Palin, and the Sex and the City foursome, Females everywhere strutted their stuff, broke through barriers, and looked FAB doing so!

1. Politics
No matter what side of the aisle you're on or whether you dance in the middle, you live, breathed, and talked endlessly about it for at least 3 months this year.